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Sep 21, 2020 · Bureau of Reclamation, Interior Region 8: Lower Colorado Basin Geographic Information Systems professionals develop and provide geospatial information, applications, analyses, digital and analog maps to manage Reclamationresources. The GIS personnel are located within various USBR groups within the region and area offices.Get price

Bureau of Reclamation

May 10, 2021 · Reclamation provides $2.5 million to improve snow water supply forecasting. Reclamation is providing $2.5 million for 12 projects to advance snow measurement technology development, demonstration and application to improve water supply forecasting. Four projects will include partner contributions of $720,000. Read More →Get price

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GIS helps MMD track mining activity throughout the state as well as enforce reclamation regulations for surface mines and abandoned mine lands. GIS indicates land change, maps mine impacts, provides guidelines for mine reclamation projects, and tracks all mandated environmental and cultural assessments before project design.Get price

ArcMine: A GIS extension to support mine reclamation planning

Sep 01, 2012 · This paper presents a new GIS extension, named ArcMine, developed to support reclamation planning in abandoned mining areas. ArcMine provides four tools to (a) assess mine subsidence hazards, (b) estimate the erosion of mine wastes, (c) analyze flow paths of mine water at the surface, and (d) identify suitable tree species for mine reforestation.Get price

Assessing the Sustainable Development of Coastal Reclamation

geographic information system (GIS) as a tool for data input, storage, retrieval, manipulation, analysis . Guo W 2010 Effects o f Reclamation P rojects on Marine Eco logical Environment in.Get price

Reclamation district boundaries within the state of

Nov 24, 2014 · Reclamation district boundaries within the state of California. This delineation represents the eigth major revision of this dataset, after the seventh revision from 3/2006, after the sixth revision from 2/2006, after the fifth major revision from 1/2005, the fourth major revision from 10/2004, the third major revision from 6/2003, the second version from 10/2002, and after the first versionGet price

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The Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS) is not responsible and shall not be liable to the user for damages of any kind arising out of the use of data or information provided by the DRMS, including the installation of the data or information, its use, or the results obtained from its use.Get price


Mar 19, 2020 · Last Modified 3/19/20. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago monitors water quality in Chicago area rivers and streams. Water quality data including fish populations, dissolved oxygen and water chemistry are available here. Stormwater Inundation Mapping Application (SWIMA)Get price

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The Rapid City GIS Division provides mapping services, data, and technical support to the staffs of the City of Rapid City and Pennington County, and to the public.Get price

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GISMO Biography: The Information Technology Department manages the hardware, software, data, maps, and interactive applications that encompass the Geographic Information Systems Management Office (GISMO).Get price

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FGIS official service providers use this module to capture testing and weighing results for grain, rice, pulses, graded commodities, and processed commodities, single and aggregate lot inspection (combined, warehouse, local, composite, round, and cu-sum) for carrier types including: railcars, containers, trucks, ships, and barges.Get price

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Search For Your Land Parcels The Williamson County Geographic Information System (GIS) website allows users to search their land parcels online and find the exact location of their parcels. In addition to a searchable database, the site also has an aerial map of the more than 46,000 parcels of land in Williamson County.Get price


©2014 CRI F-07057-14 EMAIL: [email protected] | PHONE: (402) 476-0300 | HARRISLABS.AGSOURCE.COM RECLAMATION OF SALINE AND SODIC SOILS Saline and/or sodic soil is caused by separate conditions: high salt content in the parent material, poor internal drainage conditions, a high water table carrying salt to the soilGet price

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Oct 24, 2020 · With a Pavement Condition Index of 17.00, reclamation in place will be used to rehabilitate this extremely poor road. During this process we hope to widen the road by at least 2 feet so two way traffic can operate more safely.Get price

WaterSMART - Data Visualization Tool

Through the Title XVI Water Reclamation and Reuse Program, Reclamation works with water management agencies in the western United States and Hawaii as they plan, design, and construct water reuse projects. In 2018, an estimated 431,000 acre-feet of water was recycled through Title XVI projects.Get price

Developing Standards and Specifications for Full Depth

asphalt surfaced and unsurfaced roads. The report describes full depth reclamation, and includes a summary of available literature, a Best Practices document, construction of two field projects, development of design and construction guidance documents, and training materials for full depth reclamation.Get price

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Nov 12, 2020 · U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Lands Metadata Updated: November 12, 2020 This data layer depicts Bureau of Reclamation Lands in North Dakota Constraints: Not to be used for navigation, for informational purposes only.Get price

A spatial decision support system for the optimal

F. Pavloudakis et al. / A spatial decision support system for the optimal environmental reclamation of open-pit… Conventional methods used for reclamation planning and design are characterised by the lack of data integration and by time-consuming analysis. Therefore, the main objective ofGet price

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The Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS) (English: Special Intervention Group) is the special forces unit of the Italian Carabinieri.The Carabinieri, a branch of the Armed Forces responsible for both military and civil policing, formed GIS in 1978 as a police tactical unit.Get price

GIS for Coal Mine Site Permitting and Regulatory Enforcement

GIS for Coal Mine Site Permitting and Regulatory Enforcement Daniel Kestner, Mapping Supervisor Virginia Dept. of Mines, Minerals and Energy Div. Of Mined Land Reclamation Presented at 2007 ESRI International User Conference Session 298: Coal Mine Site Permitting, Reclamation, and RemediationGet price


change detection and gis-based fuzzy ahp to evaluate the degradation and reclamation land of tikrit city, iraq January 2021 Geodesy and Cartography 46(4):194-203Get price

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C899-7 C899-7RC Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services C899-8 C899-8RC Remediation and Reclamation Services 1b. Identification of the lowest priced model number and lowest unit price for that model for each special item number awarded in the contract. This price is the Government price based on a unit of one,Get price

Bureau of Reclamation Lands - North Dakota

Summary The purpose of this layer is to identify and provide a geographic representation of Bureau of Reclamation land ownership/management. This dataset is commonly used as a framework data layer for use in GIS and other mapping applications.Get price

ArcGIS Web Application

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Department of Conservation Map Server

A GIS-based scenario planning tool for cities, counties, and regions wanting to model the greenhouse gas and natural resource implications of development patterns and management practices on working landscapes. TerraCount includes calculations of co-benefits to agriculture, water quality, biodiversity, and human wellbeing.Get price

County of Maui Wastewater Infrastructure

County of Maui Wastewater Infrastructure Zoom In Click Features For More InfoGet price

James A. DeCarolis — EnviroMINE, Inc.

James A. DeCarolis GIS AutoCAD Specialist, Mine Inspector, UAV Pilot. James DeCarolis has substantial experience with GIS and AutoCAD software and with the preparation reclamation plans and reclamation cost estimates for a variety of mining projects in California and Arizona.Get price

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Geographic Information Systems. 33 N. Stone Ave., 15th Fl. Mail-Stop Code DTBAB17-425 Tucson, AZ 85701 Phone: (520) 724-6670 Fax: (520) 791-6588Get price

e m ote Sensi a l o ng n r o Journal of Remote Sensing GIS

environmental media (soil, water and air). The successful reclamation of the area will help eliminate the risk of wind erosion and will provide Citation: Banov M, Svetla R, Markov E, Miteva N (2017) Structuring a Database of Remote Sensing Methods and GIS in Reclamation of Disturbed Land . J Remote Sensing GIS 6: 192.Get price